Why quality improvement?

Quality improvement is particularly good at helping us when we face complex problems, where underlying issues aren’t obvious or completely understood, where solutions depend on changes in human behaviour and when ‘what to do for the best’ isn’t known at the onset.

Quality improvement utilises the expertise of people closest to the issue – staff and service users, as well as system leaders – to identify potential solutions and test them. Done well, this can release great creativity and innovation in tackling the complex issues which services have struggled to solve.

The types of problems we can tackle using quality improvement, are those which require not only changes in behaviours or preferences, but also hearts and minds.

Quality improvement supports personal and organisational learning and development. It helps to bring about improvement in problems by:

Focusing on outcomes and aims

Trying to give everyone a voice

Using specific tools and techniques 

Bringing people together to improve and redesign the way care is provided.