A new perinatal mental health service

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Clinicians in Devon Partnership NHS Trust identified the need to improve perinatal mental health services in the community.

Who and where?

Devon Partnership NHS Trust and South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group.

What ?

Clinicians and commissioners appointed a new community team to provide support for pregnant women concerned about their emotional and mental wellbeing. Women were referred by their GP, midwife or referred themselves. Within four weeks they have an assessment and a shared care plan is developed. Advice, information and support are given throughout this time. The focus is on what is important or of concern to the individual in their pregnancy and postnatal period. An advice service was developed, using evidence based tools. 

How ?

The team used PDSA cycles to generate and test ideas for improvement.

Our success

Over three years, 5,698 of the 22,715 women who gave birth used the service.

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