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Newham Secondary Care Psychological Services was faced with increased calls for talking therapies. The service, while remaining committed to providing quality care and better outcomes for people in therapy, also recognised the needs of those waiting to be seen.

Who and where?

Clinicians from Newham Psychological Services East London NHS Foundation Trust East London NHS Foundation Trust.


The service set out to reduce waiting times between referral and assessment by 25% and reduce time between assessment and treatment to 30 weeks. They introduced new data systems to capture referrals, reduce DNAs to improve efficiency and improve retention of people in therapeutic programmes.


A Driver Diagram and PDSA cycles were used to generate and test improvement ideas.

Our success

Average time from referral to assessment was reduced by 25%

Waiting time for assessment was reduced from between 10 and 15 weeks to between 2 and 3 weeks

Waiting time from assessment to therapy assessment was reduced from between 40 and 45 weeks to between 28 weeks

Service user satisfaction improved.

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