Quality improvement in mental health

There is growing recognition of the potential of quality improvement in solving many of the complex problems encountered in mental health Right Place, Right Time: Better Transfers of Care (page 22).

Many organisations and agencies are beginning to use quality improvement in mental health - NHS Scotland, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and East London NHS Foundation Trust.

The report Old Problems, New Solutions (page 60) provides further examples and discusses how to increase awareness and build capacity for quality improvement within mental health. 

MINDSet aims to make quality improvement easy to understand in mental health settings by highlighting inspiring real life examples. We wanted to show that stepping onto the quality improvement journey is for everyone, not just quality improvement ‘experts’.

Often quality improvement training materials feature physical health examples and it is hard to see how these techniques can be used in mental health settings. We show how mental health teams have used these tools, and the results and learning achieved.  Projects which did not originally use quality improvement science but are now embracing it to help with sustainability and spread of ideas, are also included.

It’s worth remembering tools are only 20% of quality improvement, 80% is about encouraging people and putting systems in to help us change our MINDSet and see quality improvement as an integral part of our job.

Good luck on your quality improvement journey!