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Healthcare professionals in Gloucester raised awareness locally about the importance of perinatal and infant mental health. They promoted the benefits of early intervention, support and diagnosis during and around pregnancy.  

Who and where?

Dr Alain Gregoire – Senior Lecturer in Perinatal Psychiatry and Chair of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance

Anna Burhouse – Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

Helen Ford – Senior Commissioning Manager at Gloucester Clinical Commissioning Group


The team designed and delivered perinatal mental health master classes, attended by 80 professionals and managers.

Helen Ford said the aims of the master classes were, “To give delegates a better understanding of the challenges faced by parents living with perinatal mental health issues and the potential longer term impacts for their children. The classes were also intended to influence healthcare staff to proactively support a programme to improve care through coordinated services across the county.”


The team used a Driver Diagram and PDSA cycles to plan and test changes.  

Our success

Following the master classes, the team reviewed current services, conducted a skills mix audit and mapped out what is being done currently and what is needed. In December 2015 the team secured funding from NHS England’s perinatal mental health community services development fund to develop a Specialist Perinatal Community Mental Health Team for Gloucestershire.

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